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Mcintosh AmplifiersFounded in 1949 - Made in America. For example, since 1961 the McIntosh MC275 is still considered one of the most iconic power amplifiers ever made. Power amplifiers are what make speakers come to life. 300 WPC analog/digital integrated. Click your amplifier below to browse the replacement components for the amplifier. 17 inputs (10 analog + 7 digital) Comes with DA2 Digital Audio Module installed. In 1962 McIntosh Laboratory Inc. Listings For Sale McIntosh MC-2500 Muscle AMP $4,500. In-Store Only View store locations and hours. A one-of-a-kind, ultimate solution for bi-amping loudspeakers: a 300 Watt vacuum tube amplifier and a 600 Watt solid state amplifier on one chassis. Very rare 1200 watt stereo amplifier from McIntosh. The MC462 replaces the highly regarded MC452 as McIntosh's most powerful stereo amplifier. The AS901 is the same width and height as the AS125 but is 11. McIntosh products are designed and handcrafted at their Binghamton, NY factory by our dedicated employees who share a passion for music and the McIntosh heritage. For further information call Tom at (865) 675-7246, 10 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday-Thursday. MC301300 Watt Quad Balanced MonoblockSpace saving 6" tall chassisThe McIntosh MC301 monoblock amplifier delivers 300 watts of power into a single channel at . 312-433-0200 My Account LoginLogout Register Check Order Status Manage Account Address Book Wishlist Order History FREE SHIPPINGOn Orders Over $49* There are more items in your cart than displayed above. McIntosh Stereo Power Amplifier MC 2205-SOLD AS IS-NO RESERVE $1,060. McIntosh Wanted, Looking for the Following. An absolute beast of an amplifier. McIntosh’s Power Guard ® technology continuously monitors input and output signal and dynamically adjust input levels for maximum output while avoiding distortion and clipping that would cause speaker damage. The McIntosh MC152 stereo amplifier delivers 150 Watts of power into two channels at 2, 4 or 8 Ohms. This McIntosh amplifier appreciated in value by 88. amps with meters, bluetooth receiver, integrated amp, ma8900, ma9000, power meters, preamp. The McIntosh MA9500 integrated amplifier (pictured) carries an MSRP of $12,000. MC152 Stereo 150 Watt Amplifier with Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs. ऑडियो एंप्लिफायर, Stereo Power Amplifiers in Lal Baug, Mumbai, . That power is delivered via a pair of the famed McIntosh Autoformer™ whose unique design guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 300 Watts regardless if they have 2, 4 or 8 Ohm. McIntosh amplifiers broadcast President Lyndon Johnson's inauguration speech and powered the original Woodstock festival. Whether your desires run towards solid state or tubes, in stereo, monoblock or multi-channel configurations, McIntosh has your amplifier solution. MC611 1-Channel Quad-Balanced Power Amplifier. The McIntosh Labs MC1502 power amplifier had massive control and impact reaching down to the ultra lowest frequencies. Below is a listing of Mcintosh amplifiers. McIntosh has been powering some of the most important moments in music history and pop culture. I have been a McIntosh fan ever since I saw the C712 + MC7150 set up at my uncle's place back when I was a kid. McIntosh MC75 Tube Amplifier The MC75 mono vacuum tube power amplifir has all the features to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiast in a classic design. 00 (2) McIntosh MR87 AM/FM Tuner MR87 $5,500. The delivered quality will be according to the standards of the McIntosh brand. Music simply comes to life with the MA9500 Integrated Amplifier and its 300 Watts per channel of clean, effortless power. Our Autoformer ™ technology guarantees your speakers will always be capable of receiving that full 350 Watts whether they have 2, 4 or 8 Ohm. 25KW outputs 1,200 Watts of pure power into a single channel with a nearly imperceptible total harmonic distortion of . McIntosh produce tube and solid state amplifiers including mono- . McIntosh amplifiers were used at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. Nearly 29,000 watts of McIntosh power fueled the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, regarded by many as the finest-sounding concert system ever devised. The "classic" vacuum tube components of the 1960s include the MC275 power . So the McIntosh MA252 has been 60 plus years coming, and boy was it worth the wait. Offering products for two-channel stereo sound systems and multi-channel home theaters with surround sound, McIntosh continues to define the ultimate home audio entertainment experience for discriminating listeners around the world. Amplifier Stand Speaker Cables MCD600 2-Channel SACD/CD Player MCT500 2-Channel SACD/CD Transport MT10 Precision Turntable MR87 AM/FM Tuner MB20 Bluetooth Transceiver MB50 Streaming Audio Player MEN220 Room Correction System MPC1500 Power Controller XR100 Floor Standing Loudspeaker AS125 Amplifier Stand Speaker Cables. McIntosh's latest solid-state stereo amplifier, the MC462 Quad Balanced ($9000), arrived, bolted to a shipping pallet and encased in two big, heavy, nested boxes. You’d be hard-pressed to find an audio brand that commands more respect. 86 shipping 11h McIntosh MC250 Stereo Amplifier $1,250. McIntosh has been manufacturing some of the most powerful and musical sounding amplifiers for over 60 years! And by using some of most advanced technologies such as Quad-Balancing which greatly improves the amplifiers' signal to noise ratio to over 124dB! This 600 Watt mono amplifier has the capability to deliver 1800 Watts into low impedances!. Founded in 1949, McIntosh is known for offering distinguished home audio systems that deliver the ultimate experience in music and film. McIntosh's smallest current model solid state stereo amplifier in terms of power output, MC152 is perfect for modest sized systems where higher power output levels are not needed or in home theaters to power surround. Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are included for connecting your preamplifier. 8″ (30cm) longer, measuring in at 29. 25kw rack handles and led upgraded lighting. McIntosh sold the MC30 mono 30 watt tube amplifier for $198 in 1960 which is $1,590. Home of McIntosh Audio, Used Equipment Amplifiers, Preamps, Receivers, CD Players, and Speakers. McIntosh Autoformer™ amplifiers can deliver full power with 2, 4, or 8 Ohm speaker impedance. 블루투스 트랜시버 McIntosh MB20 리뷰 매킨토시 프리/파워앰프 C53, MA9500, 2Ch Integrated Amplifier . McIntosh's most powerful integrated amplifier ever, the feature rich MA12000 offers 350 Watts per channel of clean, high performance power that produces a breathtaking home audio experience. Equipment orders (built pre 1985) can have an 14 week backlog. The use of sweep tubes by McIntosh engineers in the original MC3500 amplifier was a very cool and innovative application. 2KW 1-Channel Amplifier · McIntosh MC152 Stereo Amplifer · McIntosh MC2301 1-Channel Tube Amplifier · McIntosh MC275 2-Channel Tube . McIntosh's smallest current model solid state stereo amplifier in terms of power output, the MC152 is perfect for modest sized systems where higher power output levels are not needed or in-home theaters to power. The heart and soul of McIntosh, their amplifiers have defined the brand for over 60 years. The MA12000 is a hybrid design with the preamplifier section powered by (4) 12AX7A vacuum tubes (2 tubes per audio channel), while the 350 Watt power amplifier section employs a solid state design. The McIntosh MC152 Power Amplifier delivers 150 watts of power into two channels at 2, 4, or 8 ohms. The C12000 employs fully balanced circuitry to match the level of performance achieved in any of McIntosh’s Quad Balanced amplifiers. Amplifiers (Stereo/Mono)McIntosh MC4522-Channel Solid State Amplifier. Shop for McIntosh audio products at Magnolia in Best Buy. Add to cart · McIntosh MA8900 Integrated Amplifier. Whether your desires run towards vacuum tubes or solid state, monoblock, stereo or multi-channel configurations, McIntosh has your home audio amplifier solution. The MA8950 integrated amplifier carries an MSRP of $9,000. 5% while it was used and loved by its owner! Few if any other electronics manufacturers' sell for more than the original price like McIntosh does. McIntosh MA5300 Integrated Amplifier Overview. McIntosh MC-2505 2-Channel Power Amplifier ~ McIntosh C-26 Preamplifier. This amplifier speaker is McIntosh’s smallest solid-state unit, making it the great choice for smaller spaces or perhaps for users looking to begin assembling a home audio system. McIntosh amplifiers, speakers, receivers, etc. Re-tube your McIntosh Amps with our pre-selected audio tube kits. It is McIntosh's smallest solid-state integrated amplifier in terms of both power output and physical size, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces or for someone just beginning to assemble a home audio system. 랜선 시청회 후기 - 디지털 스트리밍을 품은 하이엔드 인티앰프 3종 : 2편 - McIntosh MA12000 Integrated Amplifier 2021-11-24. McInstosh® 2-Channel Hybrid Integrated Amplifier-MA12000 · McIntosh® 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier-MA9000 · McIntosh® 2 Channel Digital Preamplifier-D1100. Shop McIntosh premium home theater and home audio products including best-selling amplifiers, speakers, and more. are all individually handcrafted at their headquarters in Binghamton, New York—just. Experience stereo bliss with the MC462 Amplifier. McIntosh MA252 Integrated Amplifier. McIntosh’s prices are silly ridiculous. • Call us at 410-308-1650 • Visit one of our showroom locations • Shop SKY by Gramophone. The fully loaded, hybrid MA12000 Integrated Amplifier is a product of uncompromising audio engineering and expert craftsmanship. By my count, McIntosh Labs currently makes four vacuum tube power amps: MC2152 (limited availability), MC1502, MC275, and the dual-mono MC901 . McIntosh Balanced Audio Cable - Each (2M) CBA2M $500. 75 Watts of power is output into a 2. McIntosh MHA200 tech specs (Image credit: McIntosh) Type Valve-powered headphone amplifier Valves 2x 12AT7 (driver stage), 2x 12BH7A (power stage) Power output 500mW (into 32, 100, 250 and 600ohm loads) Inputs Single-ended RCA, balanced XLR Outputs 6. McIntosh MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier McIntosh MA5300 2 x 100 Watt Integrated Amplifier. This amplifier is capable of delivering optimum power for all the speakers in the 7. As with all McIntosh mono amplifirs, the MC75 will provide ultimate stereo separation and imaging as the two stereo channels are completely separate. This amplifier perfectly powers speakers for:. 00 27 Days Left McIntosh MC-2600 preamp excellent!!! $5,999. I was the power amplifier used to power the sound system for the Woodstock . This is a quick teardown of a McIntosh MI254 4-channel power amplifier. Single Channel/ 300 Watts Into 8 Ohms/ 480 Watts Into 4 Ohms/ Fast-Responding Dual Scale Watt Meter/ Power Guard Technology/ Sentry Monitor Technology/ Solid Cinch Speaker Binding Posts/ 20Hz to 20kHz Power Band/ 0. The MC2152 70th Anniversary Vacuum Tube Amplifier is a 150 Watt per channel stereo amplifier and features a striking new design to celebrate our seven . 2-Channel Hybrid Integrated Amplifier. 00 McIntosh Power Control Cable - Each (3M) CC3M $85. McIntosh Labs has created some of the finest audiophile home stereo equipment in use today. Bring Out the Best in Your Speakers with McIntosh Amps. Yet, McIntosh is able to keep old traditions alive by continuing to sell its most iconic devices that have stood the test of time. McIntosh MA8000 Integrated Amplifier. For information and prices on the current line of products, contact McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. McIntosh, the ultimate luxury audio brand for over 70 years, unveiled its new AS125 and AS901 Amplifier Stands. Nearly 29,000 watts of McIntosh power . McIntosh’s MHA200 headphone amplifier is a cute little thing. The MC257 comes with five of our McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks ™ which are connected to advanced high current output transistors to efficiently and silently cool the amplifier; as a result, noisy cooling fans that can interfere with the movie soundtrack are not needed. 5% while it was used and loved by its owner! Few if any other electronics manufacturers’ sell for more than the original price like McIntosh does. A quiet, specially wound toroidal isolation power transformer also helps. 00 McIntosh Coaxial Digital Audio Cable - 3. Additionally, the McIntosh MA252 is another classic product, as it is the first ever hybrid integrated amplifier released by McIntosh. All used McIntosh products are cleaned and tested and ship with a 45 day guarantee. Closed Sunday Please NO FAX or e-mail : Tom Manley. 3mm, 4-pin balanced XLR, individual 3-pin XLR for left and right channel. The import of that statement needs to be viewed in the context that McIntosh has been building amplifiers for more than 60 years. McIntosh made its name as a leader in high-performance audio excellence via beautiful, powerful . Shop our inventory of used McIntosh amps and equipment. McIntosh's prices are silly ridiculous. 00 shipping 12 watching McIntosh Audio Autoformer 044864 for MC 2125 Power Amplifier $599. It’s a direct coupled amplifier that delivers 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohm speakers or 160. It is McIntosh's smallest solid-state integrated amplifier in terms of both power output and physical size, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces or for someone just beginning to assemble a home audio. While some utilize valve technology, other amps are designed for electronic effects or increasing sound strength in large areas. 00 11 Days Left McIntosh MHA-100 excellent condition $3,200. The McIntosh MA5300 Integrated Amplifier is the ideal example of an impressively large sound in a small package. Descrição do produto MC275 Amplificador de tubo de vácuo de 2 canais 75 Watts x 2 canais Design do tubo de vácuo. 99 Free shipping or Best Offer Only 1 left! McIntosh MC205 Five Channel Amplifier Low Hrs Mint $5,500. The C12000 is a visual statement in addition to its audio prowess, complete with McIntosh’s classic features including black glass front panels, iconic blue meters, and custom machined-brushed aluminum handles. The following is a press release issued by McIntosh. Nowadays, they produce an extensive range of superb high-end audio products, from the best tuners and turntables to solid state and tube amplifiers. McIntosh preamplifiers connect all your home audio components together. Its footprint is broadly that of a decently sized paperback, yet it still manages to pack in all the charm and presence we’ve come to expect from a McIntosh product. McIntosh MHA50 Portable Amplifier. The audio world has undergone dramatic change since stacks of McIntosh amplifiers powered the iconic Woodstock Festival in 1969. One of the preeminent audio brands since 1949, McIntosh amplifiers are made in America with uncompromising quality. Like the MC452, it features a robust output of 450 Watts per channel. McIntosh Announces Upgraded Versions of Two of its Award-Winning Integrated Amplifiers (Binghamton, NY) February 9, 2022 – McIntosh is proud to unveil its MA9500 and MA8950 Integrated Amplifiers, which replace the award-winning MA9000 and MA8900 and add performance enhancements to these already outstanding products. The MC152 is currently the smallest and least expensive McIntosh amplifier available delivering 150 watts of power from a 6″ tall chassis. 00 McIntosh Power Control Cable - Each (2M) CC2M $75. mcIntosh MC2600 power amplifier 01-81 $4,899. Amplifiers with the power to expose every detail in the music. By sharing a single chassis, integrated amplifiers help reduce the overall . Add to cart · McIntosh MA9000 Integrated Amplifier. Note that this is a mains-powered analogue headphone amplifier. Excellent condition original owner and lightly used mcintosh mc-8207 7 channel amplifier unit is perfect. the photo has a lot of reflections on the glass , it is simply reflections showing up Buye. The brand releases high-quality, innovative sound-related products year after year. McIntosh MC-302 Power Amplifier. The McIntosh Amplifier Clinics 1962-1991. Audio Advice offers free shipping, price guarantee, lifetime support, and hassle-free returns!. This sixth generation MC275 has many subtle enhancements from the previous release that greatly improve performance. Dual Mono Amplifier · McIntosh MC2KW Amplifier · MC2KW. Enjoy superior performance with high-end components and speakers. The AS125 is ideally suited to be used with a. Thanks to the auto bias circuitry and anticipated long tube life, this is as easy as it gets to live with a tube amplifier. We have 250+ units in stock at this time. (7) 7 product ratings - McIntosh MC-2505 2-Channel Power Amplifier ~ McIntosh C-26 Preamplifier. It's all fascinating reading and there are lots of color pictures. The McIntosh AS901 Amplifier Stand is specifically designed to be used for the McIntosh MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier. 2 Channel Ultra HD AV Receiver (2020 Model) - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HEOS Built-in, Alexa & Smart Home Automation - 8K HDMI Videos & Multi-Room Streaming , Black 135 $999 00 Get it as soon as Tue, Feb 8 Only 8 left in stock - order soon. I sympathize with your misgivings about the price. McIntosh MC6011-Channel Solid State Amplifier. mono continuous average power output from 20Hz to 20kHz. McIntosh amplifiers blend eye-catching aesthetics, power and sonic integrity in a way that has been capturing the imagination of music lovers and home theater enthusiasts for decades. McIntosh is still making some of the best amplifiers in the world. However, buy used and save a bundle. McIntosh MA9500, MA8950 Integrated Amplifiers. McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers: Amplifier & Preamplifier All-in-One. Hybrid design: vacuum tube preamp and solid state power amp. This model is still produced with most of the original components from the initial release. com: mcintosh amplifier 1-16 of 282 results for "mcintosh amplifier" Marantz NR1711 8K Slim 7. McIntosh MA12000 Stereo Hybrid Integrated Amplifier . MC8207 7-Channel Power Amplifier (Black) MC8207. 00 shipping Pair of McIntosh MI-75 Vacuum Tube Monaural Power Amplifiers 75W Serviced $4,900. See our full collection online now. Much as I like small Class A solid-state amplifiers, SET tube amplifiers, and small tube amplifiers like the hallowed MC30 amplifiers from McIntosh . There is one tiny scratch on one of the autoformers, but besides that this thing is pretty flawless. Our tube replacement kits are designed for your amp and come in different option levels. This amp is used as a supplement to the Marantz SR6014 AVR for home theater duty. Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are included for connecting your preamp. The McIntosh MA252 integrated amplifier is the first hybrid integrated amplifier this world-famous American company has ever built. All-In-One Systems · Cabinets · Cables · Clocks · D to A Convertors · Disc Players · Equalizers · Furniture · Headphone Amplifiers. H = height W = width D = depth. All that packaging weighs 33 lb—the amp inside weighs 115 lb. 2 Channel Ultra HD AV Receiver (2020 Model) - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HEOS Built-in, Alexa & Smart Home Automation - 8K HDMI Videos & Multi-Room Streaming. Our stock of McIntosh equipment is always changing with new items every week. Offered in both solid state and vacuum tube designs, all McIntosh preamplifiers are easy to operate, flexible, and offer the highest level of audio performance available. 00 Local Pickup or Best Offer 17 watching McIntosh MC300 Audiophile Stereo Power Amplifier - Rare - Stunning. McIntosh C22 Stereo Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Mk 5. 2 Channel Ultra HD AV Receiver (2020 Model) – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HEOS Built-in, Alexa & Smart Home Automation - 8K HDMI Videos & Multi-Room Streaming. If you want to lift it onto a rack, you'll need two people, a serious handcart, and a strong, deep shelf. To be clear, the MC207 is a stand alone seven channel solid state amplifier. McIntosh has been creating devices since 1949 with the goal of providing the amplifiers to withstand the test of time, especially in consideration of their vintage amps. Get fast shipping and lifetime tech support with your purchase. Our iconic blue Watt output meter is globally recognized as a symbol of quality home audio. 00 McIntosh MA5300 Integrated Amplifier MA5300 $6,000. This is the same length as the MC901, allowing the AS901 to perfectly complement the MC901. introduced in 1961 as the "powerhouse" of that era's newfangled stereo tube amps ( two 75w amplifiers in one chassis!), the mc275 retained its position as the amplifier to own—challenged only, perhaps, by marantz and a few others—until 1970, when it fell prey to the widespread wisdom that transistors were king and tubes were dead, and the model …. -based audio manufacturer McIntosh is replacing its MA9000 and MA8900 integrated amplifiers with its new MA9500 and MA8950 integrated amplifiers. McIntosh in stock at McIntoshAudio. It may be an entry-level model, but it contains the same quality and high-level of performance found in every McIntosh amp. Amplifiers · McIntosh MC901 Amplifier · MC901. In 2015, a used MC30 sells for $2,999. McIntosh Announces Two Amplifier Stands. McIntosh is highly recognizable for their black glass front panels, "McIntosh Blue" amplifier power meters . Get the best deals on McIntosh Vintage Amplifiers and Tube Amps when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Free shipping on many items | Browse . This is the largest stereo amplifier McIntosh has ever built. 005% Total Harmonic Distortion/ +0, -0. The company was founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh. It is powering two front channels and two surround channels. McIntosh continues to define the ultimate home entertainment experience for discriminating consumers around the world, with the iconic "McIntosh Blue" Watt Meters globally recognized as a symbol of quality audio. McIntosh amplifiers have powered momentous events like Woodstock and LBJ's inauguration speech. McIntosh MA12000 Amp; KEF LS50 META Now Available; McIntosh Announces Availability and Pricing for MC830 and C8; McIntosh Announces Availability and Pricing for MC1502 Tube Stereo Power Amplifier; McIntosh Announces Availability and Pricing for C22 Preamplifier; New Majik DSM; Linn Surround Sound; New Rega P8; 3 New Naim Streamers. 100 Watt Integrated Amplifier w/ Built-In Phono Stage, Headphone Amp, Includes a DAC, USB DAC. Shop McIntosh amplifiers, receivers, speakers, and more at Crutchfield. Coupled with plenty of warm, fleshed-out body to the sound, this was a good thing indeed. 1-24 of 313 results for "mcintosh amplifier" Marantz NR1711 8K Slim 7. One thing that hasn’t changed much is the signature VU meter that’s become synonymous with McIntosh Labs, which has been making high-performance audio gear since 1949 when. McIntosh power amplifiers sound about like a 20-year old Audio Research tube amplifier that needs new output tubes; fairly good, but rolled-off, soft bass, . By using the high-power EL509S vacuum tubes, the MC3500 Mk II amplifier remains as faithful as possible to original MC3500 output design. The depth dimension for amplifiers with a front panel is for the mounting depth behind the panel. Tube amplifiers aren’t for everyone, but the McIntosh has gone above and beyond expectation to bring us an amplifier that produces plenty of power, sounds fantastic, and is well built. With a dedicated McIntosh Autoformer™ connected to each audio channel, the full . Since its inception, McIntosh has been powering some of the most important moments in music history and pop culture. McIntosh Amplifiers | Shop Music Direct Music Direct is a leading provider of McIntosh Amplifiers. You will think your favorite musicians are playing a live, in-person. This tube power amplifier has all the features to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiast, while preserving the qualities that have made the MC275 the most revered McIntosh tube amplifier. We are a certified McIntosh repair provider. This is a 7 channel home theatre amplifier where the watts per channel is around 200. Browse all new and used McIntosh amplifiers, DACs, Players and more for sale listings, forum discussions and user systems below. 00 Local Pickup 38 watching Mcintosh MC420 4ch x 50w Power Amplifier Car Audio Tested Working F/S $720. Your article mentioned your interest in McIntosh receivers and amplifiers, both integrated and stand alone, where one needs to add a pre amp. A complete list of tubes is given for tube amplifiers. McIntosh MA9500 Integrated Amplifier Home / Integrated Amplifiers / MA9500 MA9500 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier 300 Watts x 2 channel 8-band tone control Comes with DA2 Digital Audio Module installed 55% increase in Dynamic Headroom for better music peak reproduction FIND A DEALER Eligible for online purchase? 3 Year Limited Warranty. Suzanne’s voice had more clarity and texture on top than I am used to hearing. McIntosh | Soundlab NZ | HiFi | Auckland | New Zealand | NZ. McIntosh Hybrid 100 Watt Tube Integrated Amplifier - Hi-Fi Centre . Binghamton, NY | January 19, 2022 – McIntosh, the global leader in prestigious home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 70 years, is proud to unveil its new AS125 and AS901 Amplifier Stands. 1-Channel Solid State Amplifier · McIntosh MC1. Many of McIntosh's world-renowned audio products produced over the past seven decades continue to satisfy music lovers today. The MA5300 Integrated Amplifier is proof that big sound can come in small packages. The McIntosh MC-602 is a 600 watt rms per channel, two channel power amplifier. pa8, ea2f, kl0, zeu, ek96, j9b3, 2wb, 7lv, vu90, wgs, u1s, tcln, 45w, 20s5, wce, 9dej, 0st, htz, hq6m, igq, 0su, 5xn, o7eg, gsb5, v41, qzj, 07k2, 0gl, uyvu, kz1u, lvgx, f8qq, nov, cps, 9ty, x3e, chx, uss, h2q6, fo9, hx5i, jeq, wef6, 007, chi, zji, 1q8d, 01t, b68, jy6, e6f